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Look out for Marshmallow the Dragon!  The children's latest creation for a 'Gwaith Mawr' project, also featured in our recent success as a Global Pioneer School for EntrecompEdu Entreprenurial Learning.

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Current Topic for Autumn Term 1:

Our current topic is 'Why do you love me so much?'.  We are exploring the ways that we are special through Lines of Enquiry Learning.  Each week we will explore a new question that the children can explore, investigate and answer:

  • What can I do with my hands?
  • How can I see?
  • How do my ears help me?
  • What does my mouth help me to do?
  • What helps me to smell things?
  • What can I do with my body?
  • What makes me special?

 As we explore these weekly questions, we will cover all Areas of Learning.  We will learn the ways that we are the same, different and special in our own ways.  We will learn about our senses and learn new vocabulary to describe them.  We will have science experiments and a popcorn investigation.  We will explore digital photography.  We will learn about the seasons and explore early signs of Autumn.  For Harvest Festival, we will learn why it is important, learn a new song/poem and make leaf crowns.  We will learn about recycling and explore sound during Recycling Week.  As a Rights Respecting school, we will begin to explore what a child's right to learn means; and a child's right to be listened to.  We will practice our Welsh daily.  Our daily Pie Corbett story will be The Enourmous Turnip.  The children develop and change the story as we go and learn to retell the whole story by themselves.  Storybooks, oracy and phonics are practiced multiple times daily; as well as, Nursery ryhmes.  Numeracy is practiced daily through play with countable objects.  We will have a shape investigation and a measuring investigation.

At the end of our topic, we will answer the question 'What makes me special?' by presenting our Gwaith Mawr projects.  Our Great Work/Gwaith Mawr will be life-size cutouts of each child, written on, labelled and decorated throughout the topic as we explore and answer our weekly enquiry questions.

Upcoming Topics for Autumn Term 2:

Why is Autumn special?

  • What do trees drop in the Autumn?
  • Are all leaves the same on every tree?
  • How do animals get ready for the Winter?
  • Are hedgehogs real?
  • Why is Autumn special?  (Also, What is a Pooh Stick and who is Stick Man?)

Can we make Christmas special?

  • What is Christmas?
  • How can we help to make Christmas special?

Note to Parents/Carers:  

To any tree or wildlife enthusiats or hedgehog lovers, please let us know and come by for a chat.  


PE is every Thursday.  Please ensure children wear comfortable shoes/trainers.

Snack is £1 per week.  If this is a concern or if you have any questions, please speak with us.

Messy play happens nearly every day!  Please be patient as the children are learning to independantly use our aprons, messy suits and wellies.